How Chefs Make Lighter Butter Chicken for Fitness Enthusiasts?

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Butter Chicken is the go-to meal for the non-vegetarian enthusiasts. It is packed with lean protein and great nutritional content that people love to try whenever they visit any top-tier restaurant. However, this rich and flavorful recipe also has significant calorie content that can make people obese or fat sometimes. 

Therefore, various chefs nowadays are putting endeavors into preparing the best butter chicken near me by implying various healthful techniques. This means they are taking into account the fitness element while cooking the butter chicken recipes for their customers. 

Let’s put a look on those cooking techniques: 

1. They Chose Lean Protein 

The first thing chefs usually do to make a healthier butter chicken is that they choose lean protein. They opt for lean cuts and remove the excess fat from the chicken to make the dish light while also ensuring that it might not lose its nutritional power. 

2. Using healthy Fats Instead of Butter 

The well-versed cooks make use of healthy oils instead of putting in butter, which is the prime source of fat. They make use of cooking oils like olive oil, and coconut oil that make the dish truly sumptuous and tasty. Using healthy oils makes the dish ideal for fitness freaks. 

3. Yogurt For Creaminess 

Heavy cream is used in traditional recipes to get that velvety feel. But, to preserve the creaminess without adding extra calories, chefs use yogurt to make butter chicken tasty and hearty. In particular, Greek yogurt gives the meal a lovely tanginess. 

4. Balanced Seasoning

Making a lighter butter chicken requires just the right amount of spice to be added. To create a harmonious flavor profile and ensure that the food is enjoyable without needing excessive amounts of salt or sugar, chefs meticulously measure and combine spices. This helps them make the dish more healthy and tasteful as well. 

5. By Adding Whole Spices 

When the chefs add whole spices to the recipe, this reduces the dependence on fats. Because the cooks won’t have to use more of the dairy fats in the dish which makes the recipe full of fat content. Conversely, putting in whole spices like cardamom, cloves, and cinnamon would make the recipe taste awesome and won’t need any fat content to induced in.

6. Mindful Cooking Techniques

Chefs not only take care of the ingredients being substituted into the chicken but also use mindful cooking techniques to prepare chicken. Such as they use grilling techniques over deep frying that ensures the crispy chicken texture without using excess oil. Apart from this, slow cooking is another method that helps flavors to meld and contribute to cooking lighter and aromatic butter chicken dishes. 

Wrap Up 

Hence, these are the fabulous cooking techniques that the topmost chefs use to prepare the best butter chicken near me recipe. Healthy and lighter chicken is a careful balance between taste and nutrition, careful preparation, and mindful ingredient selection. So, the next time you want to take the leisure of sumptuous butter chicken recipes, you can visit Bikaner Sweets & Restaurant in Calgary, you will feel the craving for the warmth and comfort of the tastiest butter chicken.

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