Lip-smacking Dishes That Will Leave You Drooling

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Butter Chicken Near Me

Who doesn’t like to try rich, tasty, and flavorful dishes? People love to visit new restaurants every now and then and love to take the leisure of tasting different cuisines. Most likely, they love to try non-vegetarian ones like butter chicken. Looking for scrumptious butter chicken near me, then order it from none other than Bikaner Sweets and restaurants in Calgary. 

Various prosperous restaurants offer people different non-vegetarian servings like North- Indian-style butter chicken, Murgh makhani, and so on. Savor the fabulous taste of non-veg recipes in Calgary that are loved by all and are finger-licking good. 

Butter Chicken Near Me
Let’s have a glance at those restaurant dishes that are the most popular and mouth-watering at the same time. 

1. Chilli Chicken 

Chilli Chicken is the most legendary and scrumptious non-veg recipe that you can take savor at Calgary’s famous restaurants. Needless to say, this lovely dish is ordered by many at the weekends, at the time of parties, or when spending chilling moments with friends or peers. It’s actually an Indo-Chinese dish that came from Hakka Chinese heritage. If you want to try this enchanting dish then choose the restaurant by searching for the butter chicken near me option to treat your taste buds in an amazing way. 

2. Chicken Hakka Noodles 

This fast and fabulous recipe rules the hearts of numerous non-veg lovers. While going out to eat in Calgary, do try this amazing dish for making your meal time cherishing and valuable. Jampacked with great taste and a Hakka accent, the dish will give you a flavorful experience and will entice your taste buds. 

3. Fish Tikka 

Fish Tikka is delicious and the favorite appetizer of fish-eaters. It’s the classic masala recipe which is made with onions, peppers ad tandoori marinades. The taste is irresistible which will stimulate your taste buds. 

4. Meat Curry 

Meat curry can be prepared from chicken, fish, goat, or lamb. This is the classic curry that is mostly ordered at celebrations or ceremonies to host parties. When cooked in the earthen pot slowly, the dish becomes more tasty and finger-licking. Try this fantabulous dish at Calgary’s food outlets, you will definitely love it. 

5. Chicken Korma 

Korma is a Mughlai cuisine and tastes best in the form of Chicken Korma. Korma means the braised meat which is crushed and prepped up in clarified butter for an exotic taste. Blenched with different spices, the dish can make you feel exuberantly joyful. Just give an attempt to this dish whenever planning for your next food visit. 

6. Butter Prawns 

While trying out the lovely non-vegetarian food, how can someone miss butter prawns? For all the seafood lovers out there, you must give this dish a try because it will leave you astonished because of the taste and aroma it has. Butter Prawns is a buttery and delicious go-to option if you are looking out for a wholesome dinner food option. 

So, what are you waiting for? Try up these amazing food delicacies that will amaze your taste buds and will make you feel out of the world. 


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