Which Indian Sweets Women Crave During Pregnancy?

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Pregnancy is a time of immense joy and anticipation for expectant mothers and their families. It’s a period marked by countless changes, both physical and emotional, and cravings for certain foods, including the availability of the best sweets in Calgary, which is not uncommon. But still, people are unaware of which kind of sweets are available at Bikaner Sweets & Restaurant that mothers can have and control their sweet cravings. 

So, to let them know we are here with this blog through which everyone will explore the world of Indian sweets that women crave during their pregnancy and can have that from our restaurant.

Ladoo: A Bundle of Joy

These are the ones that bakeries usually prepare with desi ghee so that not only pregnant women but others will have to get the best taste. These are even prepared with various ingredients like besan (gram flour), semolina, and jaggery, these round treats come in various flavours.

And during pregnancy, besan ladoos are in particular a popular choice because this is really good for them. It’s because besan is a good source of protein and essential nutrients, making these ladoos a tasty yet nutritious choice for expectant mothers.

Kheer: Comforting & Creamy

Kheer, a traditional Indian rice pudding, is a soothing sweet dish that is loved by many. During pregnancy, kheer’s creamy texture and subtle flavours can be especially appealing.

Other than this, even the rice in Kheer is a source of carbohydrates which would be really good for pregnant women, and the addition of milk in Kheer provides calcium, which is vital for the mother and the growing child.

Gajar Halwa: Sweet Nourishment

Gajar halwa, also known as carrot halwa, is a delightful dessert that is rich in flavour and nutrients. Carrots, the star ingredient, are packed with different vitamins and fiber.

This sweet treat can be a satisfying way to meet the sweet cravings while ensuring that women are getting the benefits of these vital nutrients. Other than carrots, the presence of various dry fruits help pregnant women enjoy the taste in a better way and let them and their baby feel healthy.

Coconut Lasoo: A Tropical Treat

Coconut ladoos are a sweet delight, especially if pregnant women have a huge love for enjoying the tropical flavor of coconut. These sweets can be satisfying during pregnancy, as coconut is a source of healthy fats and essential nutrients, including potassium and iron. This helps the women feel good and complete their sweet cravings conveniently.

In Conclusion

Pregnancy is a time when the body goes through numerous changes, and cravings for sweets are just one part of the journey.

While indulging in these Indian sweets can certainly bring joy and comfort, it’s important to maintain a balanced diet and ensure women are getting the necessary nutrients for a healthy pregnancy.

But at the same time, if you are looking for a place to have the best sweets in Calgary for mesmerizing taste then you should make your precious visit to our restaurant as we will make sure that you will get everything you want.

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