5 Amazing Facts About Street Food That Will Astound You

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Indian street food in Calgary

Street food is something that each person loves and every single day, we are introduced to a bunch of new street food delicacies by the food vendors. Street food refers to the foods and drinks that are sold by hawkers or vendors at public places like markets, fairs, and parks. People take full leisure of Indian street food in Calgary for having a palatable food experience spending just a few bucks on it. 

As street food is the favorite of all food enthusiasts, here we will share some amazing facts and views of street food about what it actually is, why people love it so much and some fascinating facts about it too that would leave you surprised. So, let’s dive into this blog post to know various fabulous facts about it. 

What Street Food Actually is? 

It is a ready-to-eat food or beverage prepared in minutes by street hawkers and sold at public places. Usually, it includes chaat, toasties, dumplings, tacos, kebabs, burgers, and so on. People love it and often go out to relish these amazing food temptations. 

People like it because the food is cheaper and at the same time extremely delicious. A person gets an extensive variety in this particular food range that can be eaten casually standing on the sidewalks or road corners. 

Now we would tell you some stunning facts about Indian Street food which you might not be aware of. 

1. The Oldest Street Food Item is Dahi Vada 

It has been published in a book as well named KT Achaya that the oldest Indian street food item is Dahi Vada. The author has mentioned in detail in the book how Vedas first introduced this food item in the Sutra Literature of 500 BC. 

2. Mint is the Most Common Street Food Ingredient 

It has been seen mostly that mint is greatly used in almost all street food variations whether spicy or tangy. The reason why mint is used is because it helps in overcoming acidity problems and also triggers brain functioning. 

3. Sweet and Sour Chutney is the Promising Street Food Sauce 

Sweet and sour chutney is used in all kinds of street food items ( Khatti Mithi Chutney ). Whether it is dahi vada, Papdi chaat, or various other street food items, this ketchup rules the street food world. The sauce is made using dates and tamarind that boost up the flavor of hawker food items stunningly. 

4. There are More Than 300 Chaat Food Recipes

Indian cuisine is super-wealthy in its food variations. India is called the producer of great street food, with recipes for it being more than 300 numbers that are enticing people worldwide. People are enraptured by the great taste of street food and the flavorful experience it offers to various foodies all over the world. 

5. Black Pepper is the Most Used Spice 

Just like sweet and sour chutney, black pepper is the most common spice which is used in street food since the Mahabharata era. Almost in each street food item, you can find black pepper greatly used to boost the flavor. 


These were some of the most amazing facts about Indian street food in Calgary that you might not be aware of. By trying these tempting food items, you can satiate your taste buds and thank us later. So, indulge in the delectable flavor of street food today eating it at Bikaner Sweets and Restaurants.

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